McLurg High School


"A Great Place To Learn" 
Nunc Est Tempus Laborare


Contact Information: 
Box 489 
Wilkie, SK 
S0K 4W0


Phone: (306) 843-2288
Fax: (306) 843-2664 


Mission Statement: 

McLurg High School challenges learners in a safe, supportive and collaborative environment to empower all for lifelong learning and success!

School Philospophy:

We believe that each child is endowed with his or her own individual capacities and characterisitcs and that our school, to the best of our abilities, should provide each child with the kind of education best fitted to him or her as an individual. We know that the needs of children are similar, but not identical, and we try to adapt our program to this knowledge.


As a child becomes older and more mature, we try to provide him or her with the opportunities to make choices for him or her self, as we believe that the making of wise choices is a necessary part of living in democracy. We try to avoid asking 

youngsters to make choices too difficult for their level of development and maturity.

Finally, we who are involved in the educationof or children must make every effort to meet the needs of all our students in granting them the fullest possible educational opportunities.



Complete Fitness Needs

6 Months
1 Year

Cardlock Access: 
$25 for original card purchase ($10 refund when cards returned)
$25 to activate card for the first time or if card is expired. $10 to activate if renewed before