JUNE 2016


On October 9, 2015 the community suffered a great loss with the electrical fire at the Saskcan Community Centre.  The exact cause of the fire has not yet been determined but human error has been dismissed as a potential cause.

Wilkie Town Council held a public meeting in December 2015 and has held multiple meetings with the various user groups.  These meetings were held to bring the residents and community groups up to date on what was happening with the Saskcan Community Centre but was also used as an opportunity to see what the community would like to see as potential upgades to the community centre.

Town Council and management staff took the suggestions and began working on a new floor plan.  The floor area of the building is remaining the same which limits the changes that could be made.  The changes that are being made include the following:


1.  The Dance Hall Bar has been moved to the back of the hall and made larger - now located in the area of the former coat check room.

2.  The Dance Hall kitchen has been made larger.

3.  The fixed stage in the dance hall has been removed and storage rooms added.  A portable stage and a portable speaker system will now be used in the dance hall.

4.  Air conditioning will be added to the dance hall.

5.  The Curling Rink Lounge has been opened up by removing one wall.

6.  The washrooms in the curling rink have been made larger and will be wheelchair accessible.

7.  The Arena Booth has been made larger.

8.  The score clock will now have the capability to add the team names.

9.  Underground power will be installed so as to remove the power poles and transformer out of the arena parking lot.

10. The arena will also see an improved sound system over the ice surface and in the arena lobby.

11. There will be approximately 1,355 sq.ft. of floor area available on the second level for future development.  Development of this area is not includede in the upgrades at this time.


The potential cost of these upgrades is approximately $300,000.  The Town of Wilkie has secured some funding from the Canada 150 Infrastructure Grant in the amount of $31,535 and is applying again under the same grant to try and secure additional funding.  Bighorn Construction out of Medicine Hat has been awarded the tender and began work at the community centre on June 13th.  The scheduled completion date for all the repairs and upgrades has been identified as January 31, 2017.  Bighorn Construction has commented they will be their absolute best to have the skaing rink areas read for around October 10th, 2016 but ehre are always unforeseen circumstances that come up in a project of this size.

Fundraising and donations so far have brought in $43,000 so with the grant we have received we are almost one-third of the way to achieving our goal of $300,000.  A fundraising committee has been set up to raise money for the upgrades.  The committee is looking for a representative from each club or organization as well as members at large from the community.  If you are interested in being on the committee or simply would like to volunteer your time at any of the events, please contact Recreation Director, Graeme Donn, at 306-843-2692.  We are once again asking the community to come together to help us achieve our goal in making our community centre a better place.  The fire was a devastation loss but we have perserved through the worst of it and must now look toward the future by taking this opportunity to make the facility better.  If you would like to make a donation to the community centre you can do so at the Wilkie Town Office and you will be issued a tax deductible receipt.


Saskcan Community Centre NEW Floor Plan